Our Story

We wanted to take a second to welcome you to the Carlee & Dash family. We started this business with a simple mission in mind:

To provide quality children’s clothing at reasonable prices in a really fun way.

This adventure began for us when we were each blessed to have children with very different personalities and styles. Finding the perfect outfit at an affordable price can be nearly impossible! With Carlee & Dash, we hope to combine the comfort of a “community” shopping experience with the ease and affordability of an online marketplace.

At the end of the day, we are real moms with real lives and real kids. We feel SO strongly that our business be family oriented and provide an enjoyable shopping experience.

By being a member of the Carlee & Dash group, you're eligible for discounts and giveaways, you have priority access to our new product, and you have access to an entire community of moms for anything else you may need! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! We're so happy to have you as part of the C&D family and hope to see you active around the group soon!

Ashley & Haley 

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