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We're so glad you've found us! Here at Carlee & Dash, one of our goals is to create a place of community and support for our customers. We have a bunch of different ways for you to connect with us and with each other! 

As a benefit of staying connected with us you will:

- Receive priority access!
We release all of our new product to our VIP Facebook group first.  

- Receive prizes and credits!
We're always running contests, hosting giveaways and offering drawings for prizes and credits to our loyal Facebook family.

- Have a personalized shopping experience! 
Do you have a question about how an item fits? Want to know how stretchy the fabric is? No problem! Ashley and Haley will be there to answer questions you may have. We also have an entire community of moms ready and willing to offer feedback regarding product, tell you about their Carlee & Dash experience, or offer some positive mommy advice.

For these reasons and many more, we hope you'll join us at:

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